My name is Radhika, my friends and family call me ‘Rads’.

I am passionate about everything in my life- be it my family, my friends, travel, food, my personal as well as professional life. I love to do things my way and I do admit my way is not always the right way but I do try to learn from my own experiences.

I started blogging about a year ago and most of these posts were on facebook, so I thought it would be better to compile my posts and also continue ‘my blogging on the go’ through here.

I am free writer/blogger who writes from her heart, so you may not always find perfect ‘grammar’ and ‘punctuations’ in my blogs, but then how do we ‘pause’ and use ‘just the perfect’ words when we use our heart and not our brain 🙂

I shall share my experiences of life be it travel, food, lifestyle, fashion  but will be extremely happy for you all to send me your suggestions on themes you would like to read here on my blog.

Have fun Reading!