3 Counties in 3 Days

I love traveling, exploring new places, trying out new foods and spending some quality time with family away from home and especially away from our daily routine. I have a long list of places I would love to see and hopefully I will be able to cover them in this life of mine.

My husband, who loves relaxing and spending time at home, needs a little convincing every time I want to plan a holiday. Having said that, he is an adventurous traveller- he loves edgy destinations, scenic great drives (scary at times!), trying out new cuisines. I must confess he is a more adventurous travel eater than me. He has driven me around most of England- you name it and we have seen it (I did say… ‘Most of it’… haha!). And so far our favourite English counties are Cornwall and Devon.

Even on our last family holiday, which was originally planned for three days in Somerset, we ended up doing a stretch of almost 800 miles, covering Devon and Cornwall.

This was not our first time to Cornwall and Devon, we have been there at least 5 times and if we plan another holiday in UK, you will see us head back to Cornwall or Devon again. They form the best holiday destination encompassing picturesque villages and small cozy towns, light blue waters, magnificent beaches, coves and cliffs.

For those who love driving and road trips, read more to see how we spent our 3 days.

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