I am good but I am also aware!

Does being ‘genuine’ mean inviting trouble or an open invitation for others to exploit this strength of yours? I intentionally called this a ‘strength’ and not a ‘weakness’ as it reminds me of one of the most popular recruitment questions that we have either asked while recruiting or answered as an interviewee, “Tell me a Weakness which is also your Strength”.

You know when you are genuinely nice and people try to take advantage of this very nature of yours. Being nice doesn’t mean that the person is naive and he / she doesn’t understand what is going on in their own surroundings. They do! You may seem to think, they don’t get it and you know what? They certainly do! I know, I do!

There are some characteristics that are genetic and it seems that this ‘being nice chromosome’ was passed on to me by my Dad. So, it probably is in my DNA. Fortunately, he is also an intelligent man with a sharp mind and good attitude. One of the values that he gave while rearing us up was to “Do Good and if you can’t do good, don’t do no harm”. He understood each and everything that happened around him, he could sense the intention of the people but it didn’t stop him from being genuine and nice. It didn’t stop him from helping people nor did it stop him from giving us the same values as his.

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